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I’ve most recently become entranced with a newish software app that allows me to, amongst other things, animate my watercolor paintings. WHAT A GREAT IDEA, ANIMATED WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS!!! Who couldn’t use a painting that moves? “GENIUS!” I exclaim to myself, being sure to keep my voice down because the other thing this app does is enable me to know, even when she’s in another room, when my long-suffering wife is rolling her eyes into the back of her head and sighing that l-ooooooong sigh.  Every time the G-word is used in our house, admittedly just frequently enough to provoke a saint to extreme violence, it’s quietly countered with the Einstein quote “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Not sure what the point is there but genius knows there’s a market for watercolors that jump about. And to that point, here’s the video of my new watercolor paintings, Arizona Desert Flower Crazy Salad.

More watercolor paintings, mostly static, family and pet portraits, cartoons and other oddities at my website collection of CURIOUS PAINTINGS.

Lastly, any and all of my art can be purchased in a variety of forms – mugs, t-shirts, cellphone cases, mousepads, postage stamps,  even skateboards – through my online store




Caught! As I foggedly entered the kitchen early one morning last week, I startled the house corkscrew juggling a dining roon daisy. Gadzooks! Kitchen utensils consorting with dining room florals, dogs living with cats! I spoke with the lead vacuum cleaner to be clear that this behavior was not to be tolerated.  Steps have been taken.  

Visit my Juggling Daisies to view further evidence of unbridaled class warfare.

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