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Perhaps it’s the arrogance of middle age, but I didn’t think I could get lost anymore. I don’t mean lost on the interstate and stopping at the next gas station to get directions, but Hansel & Gretel lost where you start wondering what it’ll be like to sleep under a pile of leaves. And whether your death by wolves will be quick and what do those little red berries taste like? Never mind if your kids will even notice, much less care, if you’re missing.
But enough of this therapist’s couch stuff. We tried walking a new, recently opened Trustee’s Reservation trail and got lost. Which provided me plenty of time to collect foresty-stuff, an AUTUMN ASSORTMENT as it were, for either future painting or that evening’s dinner.
More survivalist’s art at my CURIOUS PAINTINGS site.

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So my idea was to go for a late Autumn walk in the local labyrinth called Appleton Farms, in Ipswich, MA. Anecdotal history has the farm in the Appleton family since Colonial times, recently bequeathed with the passing of the last Appleton family member to the Trustees of the Reservations, which in turn opens the large tract of land, including the largest open meadow in New England, to the general public for much tramping about.
So my wife and I walk, or rather she walks with an enthusiasm matched inversely by my hiking incompetence, through the orange and brown Appleton highways and byways. And by hike’s end, I find myself hauling a collection of colorful dead leaves, pieces of moss, assorted stumps and whatever mushrooms couldn’t outrun me.
Moral of the story, such a story as it is? Always bring a bag, never know what you’re going to find that might make a good CURIOUS PAINTING. Or a bad one. Leaves, logs, seashells, seaweed, broken glass, you name it, it’s out there waiting to make a name for itself.


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