I’m creating a series of black/white line drawings for Red Sox newsletter “Sox Lunch“, found at soxlunch.com (duh).  Designed as snackable Sox news emailed to readership daily by noon, Sox Lunch provides scores stats and all the news you’ll need to own tomorrow’s watercooler conversation (if indeed there are any watercoolers remaining; perhaps you could own tomorrow’s Starbucks’ queue). For you social media mavens seeking a 24×7, 360 degree Sox experience without getting all . . . sweaty . . . there are Sox Lunch Facebook and Twitter pages, the latter providing in-game, inning by inning updates.

A season’s subscription costs $5.00, which works out to about $0.03 cents per game. Gimme a break, skip the queue and that Starbucks’ triple-latte-with-brie and subscribe now, at soxlunch.com.

And, of course, for more black/white Sox caricatures, which are actually quite colorful, visit my CURIOUS PAINTINGS website. Of course.