. . . the iPlanter! Being a bit of a self-professed technophobe (see earlier rant), I was gratified to find a use for my nifty iPhone.

Note: while Spring-flowering bulbs like tulips are easy to grow, be careful how you gently nestle the tulip bulbs into the touchscreen; I found pounding a screwdriver on its blunt end to be quite effective.  The iPhone offers up to 20 touchscreen “keys” for planting, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to nurture a spectacular bouquet!

When finished planting the bulbs, place your new iPlanter in a cool spot and cover with several inches of mulch.  Be sure to check it often and water when necessary. Note again: upon your first watering, you should surrender any hope of effective emailing, web browsing or even a secure Wi-Fi connection.

In lieu of plant food, I suggest taking advantage of The App Store: I found the fart and beer-pouring applications to be both inexpensive and quite effective as plant fertilizer. Enjoy your iPlanter and HAPPY PLANTING!

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