This past Sunday’s New York Times carried an article in the Sunday Business section, of all places, by a Michael Bierut of design consultancy Pentagram, where he charmingly-yet-briefly described the radical change the art of graphic design has undergone in the past 25 years. Not a usual reader of the business section, I was heartened to happen upon Michael’s 20 column inches that encapsulated the same scope of change graphic designers of a certain age have experienced as our great grandparents might have done for us in describing their transition from outdoor to indoor plumbing.

Creativity was one thing, but being able to execute it as a hand-cut, pasted-up mechanical that a printer could interpret into a 4-color, offset printed proof was another. Not so much an art as a craft. I don’t bemoan the lost expertise as I, somewhat defensively, believe there’s still art that only the hand and mind can create. Love computers but still love my drawing table and T-square.